Smart Forfour Cars

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Smart Forfour Cars are supermini cars manufactured by Smart Company and as compared to marque, these Forfour cars are five door hatchback models with four or five seating capacity and relative roomy interior. The Forfour car is the only model produced by Smart that comes with more than two seats and is a good choice for a family car. There is a lot of space at the rear and it is very cheap to run with economical engines. Most of the customers love these Smart Forfour Cars as they look cute, but not everyone will purchase them. It might be fuel sipping and compact with just two seats. You can take the example of Mitsubishi Colt which is a conventional car with the seating capacity of five passengers.

Smart Forfour Cars stay true to the philosophy of Smart Company. There is a different type of color used to emphasize the Tridion safety which protects the passengers. You can choose lot of a color combinations and it is good to see that these Smart Car models come with interchangeable plastic body panels. These cars come with styling features such as cheerful front grille, oversized rear wheel arches, high mounted rear light clusters and short overhangs rear and front which provides similar visual linkage.

The similar design DNA is used inside Smart Forfour Cars and the two auxiliary meters above the fabric covered dashboard can be rotated for facing towards driver or passenger. The tachometer and speedometer are located in individual binnacles with opaque white faces on warning lights, but the warning lights outside are of no use in bright sunlight. Some of the models do not feature multifunction steering wheel which allows for operation of audio system and trip computer with shift paddles. The passengers can easily accommodate themselves at the rear or at the front and there is a space for three persons with three seatbelts. The divided backrests can be folded down and rear seats can be moved forward at 150mm so that it can provide more space for cargo.

There are some models in Smart Forfour Cars that come with 1.5 liter and 1.3 liter engines with variable valve timing and four-cylinder units. The 1.5 liter goes from 0 to 100km/h in the time range of just 10 seconds, generates 109 horsepower and weighs around 980kgs. The Forfour comes with Automated Manual Transmission, essentially an electric motor with manual gearbox. There might be very few customers who will like these cars as it encourages spirited cornering and is agile.

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